Etta A.

May, 2018

Chicago Collegiate Nannies is happy to present this month's "Nanny of the Month!" Each month, we feature on of our very own CCN nannies and tell you a little about them. Below is our interview with Etta A.! We were able to connect with Etta earlier this month about her experience as a Chicago nanny and what she's learned along the way with the current family she is with. Take a moment to read up about Etta and to hear some awesome advice to consider if a nanny is reading! Congratulations, Etta, and thank you so much for how well you represent Chicago Collegiate Nannies!

CCN: What is your favorite thing about being a nanny?

Etta A.: Just being involved with the different families and different personalities of the kids (which I like to call "little people")...Just being able to be a "go to" to families to give advice and expertise on some issues as far as raising and teaching younger kids.

CCN: Can you tell us your story about how you decided to become a nanny?

Etta A.: Ok, so funny story. I started off in the daycare field and I decided to take a break and I actually had a few families when I left that said "If you're ever looking for nanny work, give us a call." And I was like, "Yeah, ok." And actually, I was in a mall one day and ran into one of my parents and we were having a cordial conversation and somehow she had just had a baby and she wasn't comfortable and had medical issues. And she offered me a nanny position and I've been nannying ever since for the past five years. 

CCN: What do you think has been the most rewarding thing you have learned throughout your current placement?

Etta A.: Probably never to judge the different walks of life. Everyone is similar in some type of way. [And that] you can have so much in common and you can be such a great blessing to other people that you would never think.

CCN: What do you think has been beneficial about working with an agency like Chicago Collegiate Nannies?

Etta A.: The support. Being a nanny you always run into situations and scenarios where it's good to have that "backbone" where you don't have to go through it alone. If you feel like you're overthinking something, you have that outlet for advice and ways to handle it [if] you're unsure of it. 

CCN: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become a professional nanny?

Etta A.: Have fun! Don't overthink the job, just go in as a part of the family and not as a "babysitter" or something like that. Be open and just basically have fun while learning, playing, everything. Don't take the job too, too seriously. 

CCN: What plans and goals do you have for yourself personally and professionally in the next five years. 

Etta A.: I'll probably keep nannying because I like the exposure to the different people and cultures. But also in the next five years [would like to be] opening up or starting a music and movement place for small kids. I would have a space where I offer social development to teach kids different songs and to teach the parents things to keep their kids going and playing.

CCN: What would you say has veen the biggest lesson you have learned as a nanny?

Etta A.: Just to be open minded. Even about the little things, be open minded especially with working with different cultures and different people. Everyone has an outlook and I've learned that no one's outlook is wrong. Pretty much being open minded to other families and the way that they do things...[Because] no one way is right. I think caregivers can get to a point of being like "Well, this is the way how I've been doing it," and I think that [they should] keep an open mind and to always be willing to learn new things. 

CCN: Are there any other tips and tricks you would like to share?

Etta A.: I would say keep an open line of communication with your family [and] have fun with the kids. No matter what, try to make everything a fun, learning experience (even with games) and, of course, spend lots of time outside.