Ringing in 2020, Saying Goodbye to 2019

From Chicago Collegiate Nannies and to all of our nannies, families, and friends: Happy Holidays, and a soon-to-be Happy New Year! In case you haven’t heard from me in a while, I’m Lydia, founder and owner of Collegiate Nannies. 2019 was a really big year for Chicago Collegiate Nannies, and our sister location, Boston Collegiate Nannies. I’d love to take you along for a walk down 2019’s memory lane and tell you a bit about what 2020 will bring, too!

What happened at CCN in 2019

When I launched Collegiate Nannies in 2015, my first focus was on Chicago and the surrounding area. Nearly 4 years after Chicago Collegiate Nannies took off, I moved to Boston to launch our next location, Boston Collegiate Nannies! Since early 2019, I’ve been living in Boston and it’s been really great. Of course, I’m still a Chicago girl and you can’t keep me away from Chicagoland pizza! I still visit about once per month and try to squeeze in as many visits as possible to Second City while I’m there.

Moving to Boston was a big “move” (ha!) but I had the help of some amazing women. I hired two experienced professionals: Jenn Hough and Jaclyn Salamone. Jenn is a childcare expert of the highest order, specializing in infants, toddlers, and all things car safety! Jenn teaches our Savvy Sitters class at the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street in Boston, as well as interviews new potential nannies to serve our Boston-area families!

Jaclyn is the newest member of our Boston team, specializing in marketing and social media. She’s also an MA native with some great connections to the nanny community here. Jaclyn’s also been incredibly active on community campuses, helping us recruit some amazing new nannies.

But our biggest update for 2019 (and 2020) is that BCN and CCN will receive a total makeover, to be completed in 2020. We’re talking chic rebranding and a matching web presence! We know that we have the best nannies in town and we want that to be obvious the minute you visit our homepage. 

Want to see our amazing new logo? It's the image at the top right of this screen. Pretty cool, right?

What we’re looking forward to in 2020

It was another banner year for Chicago Collegiate Nannies, and I know 2020 is going to be even bigger and better! That’s because, since 2015, we’ve kept Boston Collegiate Nannies and Chicago Collegiate Nannies pretty separate. In 2020, however, we’re moving toward one brand that covers both locations. This new streamlined look and approach will help families know that we offer the same great service — whether you’re in Boston, Chicago, or a future location.

To reflect this high level of service and the care we take with each placement, we’re also updating our service rates. Having been in this industry for 5 years at this point, we have considered fair and competitive amounts for our new placements. These new rates will allow the Chicago (and Boston!) Collegiate Nannies branch to really offer the support and care we want, to both nannies and families.

In 2020, you can also expect some weekly curriculum newsletters and a private CCN Facebook page, perfect for nannies to arrange play-dates, share nanny tips, and more. Plus, our Nanny Relations Coordinator, Samantha Speed, will be offering discounted care-call sessions for nannies who need advice on the job — exciting, right? Using her master’s degree in counseling, Samantha will help nannies feel comfortable on the job, help them troubleshoot, and generally make sure our families are taken care of to the highest degree. 

And we saved the best for last: we’re writing a book! We don’t have a ton of details yet (the writing is still in progress), but the book will guide parents and families on working with nannies. It will cover topics like being a good employer, creating a healthy working relationship, and how to have hard discussions with your nanny. We’re so excited, so stay tuned for news on that.

Before we sign off for 2019, we just wanted to thank all our Chicago nannies and families for helping us make 2019 amazing. See you all in 2020!