Preparing Kids to Go Back to School in Boston

Is your family ready for the new school year? Helping your employers prepare their kids to go back to school can be a daunting task. We’ve rounded up some of the best places for back-to-school shopping in Boston, some tips on staying organized, and how you can help out on the morning of their first day.

Look at your inventory before you shop

Rather than diving in headfirst and shopping, take some time to look at what school supplies and clothes the kiddos already have. That way you won’t buy anything unnecessary that may need to be returned later. Look at items like backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil cases, or calculators, which can usually be used again and again. Similarly, you may want to stock up on items that get used quickly, like notebook paper, pencils, or crayons. Have the parents look at any changes you make to school supply lists, just in case.    

Take advantage of deals online and in-store

Online shopping can be really convenient. When you start back-to-school shopping early, you’ll probably notice sales popping up for school supplies and kids clothing. Check sites like Old Navy or Target for flash sales on kids clothing or accessories. Name-brand backpacks can be found on sites like eBags or 6pm. 

Don’t forget that you can save money by shopping in-store, too! Supplies like folders, binders, planners, calculators, and writing implements can be found at your local dollar store. Use stores that price match to your advantage, like Staples, Target, and Kohl’s. If your employer has multiple children, consider buying spiral notebooks, paper, or pens in bulk from big box stores.

Find clothes at some of Boston’s best shops

Because kids grow so quickly, you can’t always buy new shoes or clothes online for the new school year. Head to some of Boston’s best outlets, boutique shops, and consignment stores to add new pieces to their wardrobe. 

Some of our favorites include:

  • Gap Factory in Downtown Crossing. Gap Factory always has great deals going on. Plus, if you find a better price or promotion on their website, Gap will honor it in-store. If you can, go shopping during the week when most of the markdowns happen. You’ll also avoid hectic weekend shoppers.
  • Two Little Monkeys Children’s Consignment in Somerville. If your mom boss has been wanting to get rid of clothes and toys her kids have outgrown, take them to Two Little Monkeys. You can exchange them for cash or store credit, and then find some new clothes and accessories for school.
  • Kodomo in South End. A fun and stylish children’s boutique that opened in 2016, Kodomo carries items chosen for their ethics and business practices. Their clothes, toys, and home goods are so cute, so be prepared to spend a little more time browsing with the kiddos at Kodomo.
  • Kids Foot Locker in Kendall Square. Don’t forget about shoes! There’s a conveniently located Kids Foot Locker in Kendall Square (next to a Skechers, in case you don’t find what you need there.) After your long day of shopping, take the kids to blow off some steam and relax at nearby Lechmere Canal Park.

Get everything ready before the first day of school

Now that you’ve finished all the back-to-school shopping, how can you help your mom boss before the first day of school? Remember that the morning of will be chaotic and stressful for everyone. Even if you’re not going to be there on the first day, you can help the family out by preparing as much as you can in advance. Have the first day of school outfit ready to go. Check that school supplies and important school paperwork are safely tucked away in their backpack. Get lunch and snacks ready, and don’t forget to set their alarm clock! 

Finally, don’t forget that your kid might be nervous, especially if the family has moved to a new city, she’s starting a new grade at a new building, or starting school for the first time ever. Let her talk about what she’s afraid of or what she’s excited about. Remind her that you and her parents are there for her and will listen to her talk about her first day when it ends.

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