Goodbye, 2019. Hello, 2020!

Parents, nannies, families, and friends: hello and happy holidays! It’s also been a while since you heard from me, so I wanted to pop in and say hi. I’m Lydia, founder and owner of Collegiate Nannies. 2019 was quite a year for Boston Collegiate Nannies, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2020. I’m excited to share some of that with you!

Best moments in 2019

This past year was a big year for growth. When I launched Collegiate Nannies in 2015, I was determined to help families and nannies in Chicago and the suburbs. After Chicago Collegiate Nannies really started rocking, I moved to Boston to launch our next location—Boston Collegiate Nannies! It’s been great living in MA and building the next branch of our agency. Of course, I still travel back to Chicago about once per month and can never get enough deep-dish pizza or comedy at Second City!

Of course, it’s hard to tackle a brand new market by yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to grow our team by adding two experienced professionals: Jenn Hough and Jaclyn Salamone. Jenn is truly a childcare expert when it comes to infants, toddlers, and all things car safety! You can spot Jenn teaching our Savvy Sitters class at the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street or interviewing new amazing nannies to add to our team. 

Jaclyn is the newest member of our team and she is a marketing and social media genius. We are thankful to have Jaclyn on board because she is an MA native who has strong connections in the nanny community and isn’t afraid to pop over to the local colleges to meet some new recruits.

The other thing I am truly excited about this year is launching our new website! Both BCN and CCN will receive a total makeover with chic rebranding and a matching web presence. We have the best nannies in town and we want that to be obvious the minute you visit our homepage. We are trading in our trademark pink and blue bubble theme for sleek gold and pink accents that we really believe represent who we are as an agency. 

We love it so much we're sharing the logo with you (you can see it in the image above!)

What we’re looking forward to in 2020

Boston Collegiate Nannies had a blast in 2019, but 2020 is going to be even bigger and better! Here’s what we’re looking forward to most:

In 2020, we’re refocusing our efforts and moving towards one brand that includes both locations. Our new streamlined brand will better serve families and nannies whether you’re in Boston, Chicago, or another location in the United States we hope to expand to soon! 

In addition to our new branding, we’re also revamping our service rates. We’ve taken the time to consider fair and competitive amounts, and these new rates will allow the Boston Collegiate Nannies team to better support their families and nannies in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Next, we are digging deep to compile new resources for our nannies! Some of this will include weekly curriculum newsletters and a private Facebook page for Boston Collegiate Nannies, where nannies can connect to each other to arrange for play-dates, share industry tips, etc. On top of that, our Nanny Relations Coordinator, Samantha Speed, will be offering discounted care-call sessions for nannies who need advice on handling situations on the job and living their best life. With her master’s degree in counseling, Samantha is more than equipped to set our nannies up for success and offer some great life-hacks.

Last but not least, we’re writing a book! We can’t give away too many details just yet, but our book will guide parents and families on working with nannies: how to be a good employer, how to create a healthy nanny-family relationship, how to start a new nanny off on the right foot, and much more. Keep an eye out for more information on our book to come!