4 Things to Know About Being a Caregiver in Boston

Did you know that November is National Family Caregivers Month? President Clinton officially recognized National Family Caregivers Month in the late 1990s, and since then, every president has honored family caregivers with a proclamation each year.

Family caregivers, nannies, au pairs, mother’s helpers, family managers, child care professionals: being a caregiver can mean many things. However your job is labeled, all caregivers do very important work to support a family. Plus, being a caregiver isn’t easy! In honor of National Family Caregivers Month, we’re reviewing some helpful things to know about being a caregiver in a city like Boston.

Massachusetts has a lot of employed child care professionals…

There are over half a million child care workers in the United States in 2018. Out of that total, the state of Massachusetts has over 13,000 employed. It’s not the highest number in the country; that would be California with about 60,400 child care workers. Nor is it the lowest, which is Delaware at a little over 1,000 total employed child care professionals. However, it does mean there are plenty of opportunities for a nanny like you to find the perfect family! 

...and job opportunities are expected to increase

Living in a city with lots of other nannies might seem a little scary, but there’s good news. Job opportunities for child care workers are expected to increase in Massachusetts. The state’s unemployment rate as of April 2019 is pretty low at 2.6, especially when you compare it to other states like Alaska at 6.4 and District of Columbia at 5.1. Plus, the US Department of Labor estimates over 3,000 annual job openings for Massachusetts in the future.

Support is there when you need it

Being a caregiver is hard work. You are responsible for the well-being of others in your care. It can be emotionally draining and physically exhausting. However, when you live in a big city like Boston where there are plenty of other nannies, that means you’re not alone. You can find support in other child care professionals and nannies online, in person, or both. 

Brand new to support groups? Check out the International Nanny Association’s page of resources for nannies, which includes contact information for the Boston Area Nanny Support Group. You might also find a local nanny support group on Facebook or Meetup

Sometimes just talking to other people in the same line of work can be a huge relief, even if you don’t have time or are too shy to meet in person. As a nanny, you also probably spend way more time talking to and interacting with kids all day. Joining a nanny group can help you keep in contact with other adults when you need it.

Boston is a great place for work and play

Boston nannies know that there are endless options for kid-friendly activities in and around the city. The Boston Children’s Museum, Museum of Science, and the New England Aquarium are great inexpensive ideas for educational fun. When the weather is nice, you and the kiddos can spend a good part of the day exploring outdoorsy spots like Boston Common and the Freedom Trail. 

There’s also lots to do in Boston when you have some free time to spend on your own. We take self-care very seriously; it’s important to take the time to check in with yourself and recharge to prevent burnout. Grab a cup of coffee or tea at a cafe. Check out the public art in Rose Kennedy Greenway.  Hop on a ferry to one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Read a book or listen to music in Harvard Yard. What you do in the city to relax isn’t as important as simply making the decision to care for your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

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