Lydia M. Brown, Founder

Lydia has over 17 years of experience as a professional nanny, household manager, teacher, coach, and camp counselor. Lydia obtained her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Illinois and spent several years working in finance immediately after graduating. In 2015, her passion to teach and inspire children of all ages led her to launch Chicago Collegiate Nannies and later Boston Collegiate Nannies in 2018. An avid runner, Lydia has completed 3 Boston Marathons and looks forward to competing in many more. 

During Lydia's time as a nanny, it became clear that the families she worked with were looking for more than the typical nanny—someone who performs light housekeeping, makes dinner, and supervises without much focus on engaging the children. These families wanted knowledgeable, dynamic, and experienced individuals to engage their children and actively encourage their development. 

Boston Collegiate Nannies provides a unique type of nanny—one who is college-educated, energetic, and dedicated to nurturing the young minds of tomorrow. Lydia is extremely passionate about BCN's mission and the amazing nannies and families that the agency works with.